Negotiations were soon underway to purchase a redundant building of timber and corrugated iron from Seion Chapel in Llansanlet near Morristown. The building and its furnishings cost £220 and the organ £25. A loan to cover the purchase was raised from Mr.Willkam Smith, the Boot and Shoemaker in Tonyrefail and from police constable F.G.Canning.
The new chapel Was built in1912 on Tylcha Wen land which was rented from William Meyler Thomas Esq. at an annual rent of £5.15.9p. Though the early meetings at the Ely Hotel had been illuminated by oil lamps, the new chapel, from its outset, had electric lighting. The inaugural service was held on the 6th October 1912 with the new pastor. The Rev.J.T.Griffiths officiating with the help of many invited ministers. The morning service was in Welsh and the afternoon and evening in English.
The minutes of the first years meeting of the chapel's officers shows that it was a constant struggle to build a steady membership and to meet the debt commitment on the building of the chapel. These problems were to continue for many years despite the generosity of a number of benefactors,especially that of Mr.W.Griffiths the agent of Coed Ely Colliery, who took over the financing of the debt. To Pay the bills the officers resorted to a number of measures which ranged
Inner Struggle
from the loan of the building to the local Lodge and to the Friendly Societies such as the Rechabites to Bazaars and Sales of work.
Purchase of Church
First Church Deacons
Despite the strains of the 1920s the cause survived and grew and was able to pay off the debt in December 1928. The first deacons: David ap Morgan, Azariah Richards, Gomer Thomas and Gwilym Lewis were soon joined by others such as F.G.Canning and E.Francis. Their determination saw the permanent establishment of the , by then English Baptist Church
The Church Today
The chapel survives today with some 21 members who still have the same confidence and enthusiasm to have started the building of a new chapel in 1997 to replace the original building ensuring God's work will continue at Thoamastown in the 21sy century and beyond.




He's Risen

He Liveth

He's Coming


Jesus said,I will build my Church and the gates
of hell shall not prevail against it Mt.16:18


History of Bethlehem English Baptist Church


On the 12th of April 1910 Ainon established a Mission in Thomastown.  On that day hundreds of members marched the two miles down to Thomastown to the proposed site of the new chapel and then on to a room in the Ely Hotel(the Billiard room).  Within a year the membership had grown to some thirty eight adults and the Sunday school was attracting over a hundred children.  A whole range of social activities were arranged for weekdays which included : an eisteddfod, magic lantern shows, lectures on a range of topics, a Christmas party and a cantata - The queen of the Seasons.
















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